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UFC 116: Lesnar is the favorite against Carwin

On July 3 in the UFC 116 is it time for these giants that make up who is the world's best heavyweights. Lesnar has a small advantage in length and scope of Carwin, but otherwise these giants are pretty equal in the physical except that Carwin has more fists than Brock. This game is predicted to be the largest in years and given long already July 3?

Shane Carwin finally gets his chance to face Brock Lesnar current UFC's heavyweight title in UFC 116 July 3. As you will recall, was originally to have met in the UFC 106 in November last year but fell ill to Lesnar in a severe gastric so they had to postpone it until further notice.

Lesnar and Carwin has a lot in common actually:
- They have, before they meet, finished Frank Mir in a brutal way to say the least
- They are physically equal terms
- Both are good wrestlers and, of course, strong as oxen

Lesnars record is now 4-1 and has impressed me right after his first loss came against Frank Mir. Carwin has an appalling record of 12-0 with all matches completed in the first round. Lesnar is currently tilted favorite with odds -200 and Carwin has 160th

Otherwise, Lesnar is known for its hype chat ahead of their matches, it comes naturally to him from his time in WWE. Carwin is his contrast and like as he himself says' do the talking in the ring ". They got the chance to meet in the Octagon for UFC 111 where Lesnar tried to pull a bit of Carwin the trash talk but Carwin was not to be tempted. He says he wants to be remembered for what he is doing in the ring and not on their bullshit, and I just had to say sounds very good.

It will unleash the primal force in this match, was so sure of that. Exciting!

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